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What types of boat licence are there?

Sailing is a passion that requires not only skill and love of the sea, but also a proper licence. In Spain, the different types of boat licences are designed to cover a wide range of boats and nautical activities. In this post, we offer you a comprehensive guide to the licences available, their characteristics, and how each one suits your boating needs.

Recreational boating is a popular activity in Spain, and having the right licence is not only a legal matter, but also ensures safety on the water. Each type of licence is tailored to different boat sizes and permitted sailing distances.

The different types of boat licences

In Spain, boat licences are categorised according to the length of the boat and the permitted distance from the coast. Depending on your sailing plans, you can choose between several types of licences, each with its own requirements and attributions.

Navigation licence

The Licencia de Navegación is the starting point for many aspiring sailors. Also known as the “titulín”, this licence is ideal for beginners and allows you to operate small boats and jet skis. It is perfect for those who wish to enjoy day sailing close to the coast.

Requirements and powers

  • Vessels up to 6 metres in length.
  • Daytime navigation within 2 miles of the coast.
  • No exam is required, only a 6-hour course.
  • Minimum age of 16 years.
  • Ideal for recreational activities near the coast.

PNB licence (Patrón de navegación básica)

The PNB is a step forward in recreational boating. It allows holders to operate larger vessels and venture further offshore, both day and night.

Requirements and powers

  • Vessels up to 8 metres in length.
  • Navigation up to 5 miles from the coast.
  • Includes night navigation.
  • It requires passing a theory test and practical safety and navigation training.

PER licence (Patrón de embarcación de recreo)

The PER is one of the most popular licences in Spain, ideal for those looking for a more complete sailing experience.

Requirements and powers

  • Boats up to 15 metres in length, extendable to 24 metres.
  • Navigation between islands and up to 12 miles off the coast.
  • Requires radio operator course and navigation practice.
  • Possibility of sailing licence.

Yachtmaster’s licence

This licence represents a significant advance in terms of sailing possibilities, both at leisure and professional level. It is ideal for sailors looking to expand their horizons in open water.

Requirements and powers

  • Allows you to steer boats up to 24 metres in length.
  • Navigation permitted up to 150 miles from the coast.
  • PER licence required.
  • It includes a theoretical examination and practical tests in deep-sea navigation.

Yacht captain’s licence

The Yacht Captain is the recreational nautical qualification with the highest level of attribution in Spain. It is designed for those seeking maximum experience and freedom in sailing.

Requirements and powers

  • Navigation without geographical restrictions in any type of vessel.
  • There is no limit on length or distance from the coast.
  • Prerequisite: Yacht Skipper’s licence.
  • Practical training in an approved boat and navigation tests.

Considerations when choosing a boat licence

Choosing the right licence depends on your boating needs and goals. Consider the length of the boat you plan to drive and the distance you want to sail from the coast. It is also important to consider whether you want to sail during the day or also at night, as well as your previous experience and the training you are willing to undertake.

In short, selecting the right boat licence is essential to enjoy boating safely and legally. At Crownline Spain, we offer a wide range of boats to suit different levels of experience and licence types. If you are thinking of buying a Crownline boat, visit us to find the perfect option to suit your needs and your boating licence.