E 280 XS Boat


E 280 XS Boat

Crownline continues to lead the nautical industry with groundbreaking designs and impeccable execution. It has a combination of colors in Gelcoat that accentuates its sportsmanship. The exclusive F.A.S.T. helmet system Tab ensures the effective gliding and smooth sailing.

The Crownline E 280 XS attracts all eyes. It’s a boat that convinces with his modern design, especially in his elegant, sport-inspired dashboard. The rest of the components, distribution, stowage space, etc. they speak for themselves.













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    E 280 XS Boat


    Crownline E280 XS: A gold standard in sport boating

    The Crownline E280 XS positions itself as a premium choice in the world of sport boating. This model is the perfect combination of advanced design, high-end performance and versatility, offering a unique boating experience. Specially designed for marine enthusiasts looking for a sporty boat with a touch of luxury, the E280 XS stands out for its ability to adapt to a variety of water activities, from leisurely fishing trips to exciting water sports, making it an ideal boat for any adventure on the water.

    Elegance and functionality: The essence of the E280 XS

    The design of the E280 XS is a shining example of Crownline's commitment to excellence. Its exterior is a work of art, with sleek lines and a commanding presence on the water. Every element of the design has been thought through to maximise efficiency and beauty, resulting in exceptional performance and a stunning visual experience. Inside, the E280 XS offers a space of luxury and comfort, with a layout that optimises both space and the pleasure of being on board.

    Comfort and space: Living the E280 XS experience

    The E280 XS has been meticulously designed to offer a level of comfort and space that is unprecedented in its class. The cockpit is a haven of luxury and comfort, with spacious seating and a design that promotes interaction and entertainment. Ideal for spending quality time at sea, this model offers the perfect environment to enjoy sailing with friends and family, combining functionality with exceptional interior design.

    Dynamic Performance: The E280 XS in Action

    This model is distinguished by its dynamic performance and handling capabilities on the water. With a robust engine and a hull designed to handle diverse marine conditions, the E280 XS guarantees a smooth, powerful and exciting sailing experience. It is the ideal boat for lovers of speed and adventure, offering a combination of power and agility that makes every outing a unique experience.

    Technological innovation: The E280 XS advantage

    The E280 XS is equipped with the latest in nautical technology, ensuring safe and enjoyable sailing. With state-of-the-art navigation systems and cutting-edge safety features, this model is at the forefront of boating innovation, providing a modern and hassle-free boating experience.

    Durability and quality: Commitments of the E280 XS

    Opting for the E280 XS is a decision that values quality and durability. Crownline has built this model with a focus on reliability and safety, using high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every journey is as safe as it is exciting.

    Versatile design: Adaptability of the E280 XS

    Versatility is one of the key features of the E280 XS. Capable of adapting to a variety of boating lifestyles, this model is perfect for a wide range of water activities. From leisurely fishing trips to exciting water sports, the E280 XS is capable of providing an exceptional boating experience in any situation.

    The E280 XS: An investment in boating lifestyle

    Choosing the E280 XS is an investment in a high-end boating lifestyle. This model offers a unique combination of performance, comfort and style, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the very best in boating.