E 235 Boat


E 235 Boat

Crownline continues to lead the nautical industry with groundbreaking designs and impeccable execution. It has a combination of colors in Gelcoat that accentuates its sportsmanship. The exclusive F.A.S.T. helmet system Tab ensures the effective gliding and smooth sailing.

The Crownline E235 attracts all eyes. It’s a boat that convinces with his modern design, especially in his elegant, sport-inspired dashboard. The rest of the components, distribution, stowage space, etc. they speak for themselves.











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    E 235 Boat


    Starting your boating adventure: Choosing the Crownline E235

    Begin your boating journey with the Crownline E235, a boat that redefines expectations with its cutting-edge design and exceptional performance. This model is a benchmark in the market for its fusion of contemporary style and unparalleled functionality, perfect for sailors who value luxury and performance.

    Commitment to excellence

    When you choose the Crownline E235, you immerse yourself in a world where design meets efficiency. This model, with its meticulous construction and innovative features, promises an unprecedented boating experience. It is a reflection of Crownline's commitment to quality and innovation.

    Luxury and Comfort: The Heart of the Crownline E235

    The Crownline E235 is not just a boat, it is a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. Designed to maximize comfort, it offers a spacious and refined interior space, ideal for enjoyment and relaxation at sea. Every aspect, from the ergonomics to the choice of materials, is designed to enrich your onboard experience.

    State-of-the-art technology on the Crownline E235

    This model stands out in the market for its integration of advanced technologies. Equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and innovative safety features, the E235 combines comfort with peace of mind, offering safe and enjoyable cruising.

    Customize your experience with the Crownline E235

    Personalizing your boat is essential, and the Crownline E235 offers a world of possibilities. With a wide range of options and accessories, each E235 can be tailored to reflect your personal tastes and specific needs, enhancing both the value and pleasure of the boating experience.

    Discover why the Crownline E235 is the ideal choice

    The Crownline E235 is not just a boat, it's a statement of what it means to sail in style and efficiency. This model not only elevates your experience on the water, but also represents a smart, long-lasting investment in the world of boating. It is the perfect choice for those seeking quality, adventure and elegance at sea.

    Discover Boating Excellence: Choose the Crownline E235

    When considering buying a new boat, the Crownline E235 represents a unique opportunity to own a vessel that combines luxury, performance and unparalleled quality. This flagship model in the new boat market stands out for its innovative design and advanced features. It is the perfect choice for those looking for not just a boat, but a complete and enriching boating experience. By choosing the E235, you are investing in a boat that redefines what it means to sail in style and efficiency, a smart choice for any boating enthusiast.